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              Injection Molding System


              Large diameter screw design, injection stroke optimization, injection volume than the conventional machine increased by more than 50% .

              Special Screw


              PET special-purpose large length-diameter ratio barrel screw, significantly improve the sol speed, reduce the plasticizing temperature, improve the transparency of the bottle embryo.

              Portable installation


              High rigid template structure, fully meet the large-size PET bottle embryo mold installation.

              More embryos


              It is more suitable for multi-cavity and deep-cavity bottle embryo forming process to increase the ejection force and match the ejection stroke reasonably.

              Circular energy saving


              Optimize the whole machine oil pump motor configuration, significantly improve the whole machine cycle efficiency.

              Technical parameter


              Haida PET series injection molding machine technical parameters

              Stencil drawing



              Application Field and mould of special machine for Pet Bottle Embryo


              Application field and mould of PET bottle embryo special machine